After you died I thought I felt you around before you floated away. Then it happened with another, and another, still. Do we really matter the way we tell ourselves we do? I stand in the cold, I watch the steam twist up from the gutters. My eyes water in mourning as the white smoke … Continue reading “after.”

Winter Lake

Is there a momentwhen the lake knows it’sfrozen? Once the frogssurrender their limbsto the cold, or when the fishgive up swimming? An underwater world, stilled.Just rippling angel-wing finsblinking eyes andpulsing hearts.

The Green Lady

Lostto the human worldlain by somecareless otherdown, amidthe waving reeds. Aloneat the end of winter,coddled by frost.Curious creeping tendrilstickled her unfeeling fingers. RebornThe Green nudged her.She, a fledgling birdJust catchingwhat itswings could do.

Meet Rachelle

Meet Rachelle Harrison! My main character in my speculative fiction novel, now in the editing phase. Working title is Seashells & Hellions. She turned down her familiar street.60’s-style suburban homes. Mid class.Mid renovation. Advertising Tyvek for five plus years.Classic bathroom glass window tiles. Hail-eaten awnings.For Sale: Deep red ’98 Town & Country van. She knew … Continue reading “Meet Rachelle”

v. near dystopia

‘when the wheels come off,do i hang on,or jump?’ the leaves whisperto the wind.feels likea world in wait. sometimes,she dreamsthe beforetimeswait for herreturn. no time to dreamthough, when theground shakesunderneath whena choice isn’tbetween two thingsat all.


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